Hi! I am Yuri (Achifaifa), and I am available for hire.

I have experience in the areas of system administration, programming, industrial maintenance and freelance consulting. A list with some of my personal tech-related projects is available here.

My skills include tech support and communication, both in writing and by phone. I speak fluent English and Spanish and I am open to learning additional languages if the need arises.

I also have a long list of miscellaneous personal interests, including chemistry, development of computer and board games, electronics and mechanics, history, tailoring and endurance sports.

Whilst I am open to any interesting assignment in any field, here are some of my preferences:

I would like I will not
To be responsible for tasks that allow me to learn something new, and to be trusted to complete those tasks with minimal management overhead. Work for ethically questionable businesses (gambling, surveillance, facial recognition, internet ads and spyware, organized religion, extremist groups, etc).
To work in a well organized, inclusive team. Relocate to certain countries including China, Iran, Israel, UAE and the US.
To work remotely whenever possible. Accept an assignment or a job if there are no quality standards or if I will be asked as a norm to deliver a sub-par solution.

I'm also available for comissions and collaborations, research work, consulting, and other arrangements.

If you have a job or question for someone like me, write me an email to
[yuri (a) achi (.) se]

I do freelance work at reduced rates for NGOs, non-profits, social collectives and individuals in emergency situations, provided they don't meet any of the exclusion criteria mentioned above.