Hi! I am Yuri (Achifaifa), and I am available for hire.

I have experience in the areas of programming, system administration, industrial maintenance and freelance consulting. I like to approach problems from an eclectic multidisciplinar perspective, therefore I constantly try to apply what I learn into as many other areas as possible. A list with some of my projects is available here

I also have experience within tech support and communication, both in writing and by phone. I speak fluent English and Spanish.

Whilst I am open to any interesting technical assignment in any field, here are some of my preferences:

I would like I will not
To be responsible for tasks that allow me to learn something new, and to be trusted to complete those tasks with minimal management overhead Work for government, military/defense and other ethically questionable business (gambling industry, surveillance technology, internet ads and spyware, organized religion, extremist groups, etc)
To work in a well organized, inclusive environment Relocate to China, Iran, Israel, UAE or the US
To have flexible schedules and the option to work remotely, whenever possible and within reasonable boundaries Accept a job where there is no quality standard or where I will be asked as a norm to deliver a sub-par solution

I'm also available for comissions and collaborations.

If you have a job or question for someone like me, write me an email so we can arrange a phone or video call.

I'll work at reduced rates for NGOs, non-profits and similar organizations, provided they fit on the previous conditions.